Some publications of the lawyer María Soledad Gallego Bernad

  • Application in Spain of the Natura 2000 Legal Protection Regime. General Questions and Case Law. SEO/BirdLife, Madrid. 2017 (see here)
  • The Natura 2000 Network in the European Union and internal law. General regulation and specific issues. SEO/BirdLife. Madrid. 2017 (see here)
  • The girl, the river and the swallow. Project on fluvial environmental education, UCLM Tagus Research Group. Editorial Ledoria, Toledo, 2016.
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  • The water supply of Madrid and the Tajo-Segura transfer in the planning and management of the Tagus River Basin, in "Tagus. History of a river ignored ", FNCA, Zaragoza, 2013.
  • The cost of the water transferred from the Tagus vs desalination, and The Owners of the Tagus River, in “The Tagus River, lessons from the past for a better future ”, Editorial Ledoria, Toledo, 2013.
  • The ownership of water and the concession system. FNCA Web Guide, 2012.
  • Main aspects of river basin management plans that may affect bird conservation: Implications and legal measures. SEO/BirdLife, Madrid, 2012.
  • Conservation manual: administrative and judicial actions to protect biodiversity, SEO/BirdLife, Madrid, 2011.
  • Case study 1: Tagus-Segura Transfer-Spain in “Interbasin water transfers and water scarcity in a changing world - a solution or a pipedream?” WWF Germany, 2009.
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Among recent Court Rulings obtained:

  • Judgment of the National High Court of 27 July 2017 that annulled the Biscarrués Reservoir project in the Gállego River, for breach of Article 4.7 of the WFD, acting on behalf of SEO/BirdLife, WWF-Spain, Ecologists in Action, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.
  • Judgment of the Supreme Court of 23 March 2017, that annulled the Júcar Basin Management Plan for breach of the community law principle "polluter pays" in the pollution of human supply water by nitrates of agrarian origin.
  • Judgment of the Supreme Court of 29 March 2017, that annulled the Project of a mine in LeguaAcotada, Erro (Zilbeti), in the ZEC Monte Alduide of the Natura 2000 Network.


Some Conferences, courses and seminars in which I have recently participated as speaker or teacher:

  • Ecological flows in Spain: origin, determination and application. Master in Environmental Geology. Faculty of Geological Sciences. Complutense University of Madrid (2017)
  • Water management in the Tagus basin: Vision from law and civil society. Case Study II. Master in Sustainable River Management and Integrated Water Management. Zaragoza's University - Courses 2016-2017, 2015-2016, 2014-2015, 2013-2014, 2012-2013.
  • Conference: The Tajo-Segura Transfer fromanenvironmentalperspective. Guadalajara, WWF-España (2017)
  • Conference on the Judicial Application of European Union Law on the Natura 2000 Network: Challenges and perspectives. Bar Association of Madrid, EFE Verde, SEO/BirdLife (2016).
  • The application of the right of access to environmental information. Exceptions and casuistry. International Congress of Transparency. Faculty of information science. Complutense University of Madrid. (2016).
  • Illegal killing and catching of birds. Case study of Spain. I European Workshop on Environmental Crime: Illegal killing and catching of birds. European Network against Environmental Crime (ENEC), SEO/BirdLife, RSPB. Madrid (2015).
  • Course on access to environmental information. General Directorate of Quality and Environmental Impact. Toledo (2015).
  • Municipal competences in environment, the Aarhus Convention and environmental information. Conference on sustainability, environment and municipal planning. SEO/BirdLife and World Heritage Cities. España. UNESCO. Madrid (2014).
  • Sustainability and environmental limits in town planning. Sustainability, environment and municipal planning conferences. SEO/BirdLife and WorldHeritageCities. España. UNESCO. Madrid (2014).
  • The Owners of the Tagus River. Research group "The Tagus River: towards a holistic approach to its problems and solutions" (UCLM), Real Fundación de Toledo, (2014).
  • Impacts of the Tajo-segura transfer on the Natura 2000 Network. VIII Iberian Congress on Water Management and
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