In our professional experience we have found that we need to work within three fields so as to be able to offer the solutions that society demands to better protect nature and make effective constitutional law for an appropriate environment:

  1. Legal Resolution of Conflicts: Appeals and Legal Actions in the Administrative, Civil, Penal and Community fields
  2. The composition and improvement of Laws, Rules and Plans
  3. Public Information and Participation

(1) Legal Actions and Appeals

Administrative Claims and Appeals as well as legal actions are the last and necessary course for resolving a conflict when environmental rules and laws are broken. We work in:

  • Appeal Procedures through Administration and legal processes: we provide our expertise to our clients in the matter of Administrative, Penal, Civil, European Community and Procedural Law within the speciality of Environmental Law and Land Management.
  • Legal Reports and Feasibility Studies: so that our clients have all the information at their fingertips and the necessary support to help them decide whether to act in the defense of their private and collective interests.
  • We work with Spanish Tribunals as well as the European Community and International Institutions (Complaints to the Commission, Petitions to the European Parliament, Demands before the European Tribunal for Human Rights…).

(2) Composition of Plans and Laws

Our experience and knowledge in the application of Environmental law has allowed us to detect that on many occasions plans and laws are insufficient, contradictory or inadequate; or there are loopholes and voids.
Often laws and plans are not adapted quickly enough to the demands and necessities of societies which are ever more complex. There needs to be a concerted effort in the defense of collective interests and of the environment.
We offer our experience and services in:

  • The composition and improvement of Regulations: Laws, Rules, Instructions, by-laws, Guidelines…
  • Planning Process in the matter of Water, Land Management, Natural Areas, Rural Development, etc.
  • Research, Study and Analysis of the implementation of Plans and Laws as well as the difficulties of their application.

(3) Information and Public Participation

We believe that in a healthy and mature democratic society it is necessary that the public participate more than merely voting every four years. For this there must be adequate information and knowledge about the key elements of the norms, plans, projects and actions that are to be implemented. Through experience we know that citizens and groups have much more to say and contribute than is normally thought.

Our work consists in “translating” the technical and legal language, giving information and spreading knowledge and data in a clear and accessible way. Our objective is to enable citizens to know for certain the grounds and justification of the decisions which affect environmental matters as well as the laws and their duty.

We carry out the following tasks:

  • Elaboration and translation of Information Guides and Documents.
  • Publication of Reports, Books and articles.
  • Courses and elaboration of teaching material.
  • Organisation and participation in Congresses, Workshops, Conferences, Talks, Debates, Round Tables.
  • Elaboration and Intervention in the processes of Public Participation not only for Administrations and Institutions but also for citizen Organizations.
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