The office of the lawyer Maria Soledad Gallego Bernad offers legal services specializing in environmental law, working in the following environments:

  • Biodiversity Conservation and Protection
  • Water and River Bassin Management Plans
  • Natura 2000 and Conservation of natural sites
  • Land management and City Planning
  • Environmental impact of plans and projects
  • Environmental Liability
  • Health and environment
  • Rural development

Our interest in these matters developed during 25 years of professional experience and comes from a vocation of working for the public and defending collective interests, such as those of the environment. These suffer from the consequences of a model of growth and development that is hardly conducive to the environment. We understand that authentic progress should integrate and balance not only economic factors but should also include social, environmental, cultural, as well as ethic interests. Our vision of the land and the world which surrounds us also has different interests to those which are purely economic. Principles such as precaution are incorporated and involve not only our private interests but also those of other human beings including future generations and other living things that share our vital space.