The professional office of the lawyer Maria Soledad Gallego Bernad works for environmental organizations and NGOs, public administrations, Spanish and European Community institutions, universities, foundations, professional associations, etc.

In particular, she has been a lawyer and legal advisor since 2007 of the BirdLife International Spanish partner (SEO/BirdLife).

Some others clients with whom she has worked or collaborated, directly or in union with other consulting companies are: NGOs as WWF, Greenpeace, Friends of Earth, etc., and groups for the protection of rivers, as AEMS-Rios con Vida (AEMS-Living Rivers), Plataforma del Tajo (River Tagus Platform), Jarama Vivo, Jalón Vivo, Citizen network for a new culture of water in the Tagus river and tributaries, etc., as well as the Royal Spanish Canoe Federation, and numerous NGOs and citizen groups of Spain and Europe.

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